2020 - Volume 2 [Issue 1]

Case Report

Patent Ductus Arteriosus Closure by Paracetamol in a Critical Preterm Infant after Late Recanalization

Abdelmonem Helal, Naif Alkhushi, M. O. Galal

Page: 112-116

Case study

A Case of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy - How We Uncovered the Diagnosis

V. Andova, M. Otljanska, H. Taravari, A. Jovkovski, N. Kostova, E. Caparoska, B. Zafirovska

Page: 101-106

A Silent Myocardial Infarction at Diabetic Outpatient Clinic: Tertiary Hospital Setting

Febyan ., I. Kadek Susila Darma, I. Made Suwidnya

Page: 71-77

High-degree Atrioventricular Block May be Associated with Basedow's Disease: A Case Report

N. Mahoungou- Mackonia, Harouna Seydou, Brahim Nassour, Njei Malick, Fadoul Adam, Ovaga Esther, I. Nouamou, S. Arous, G. Benouna, A. Drighil, L. Azzouzi, R. Habbal

Page: 126-129

Rheumatic Polyarthritis Revealing Infectious Endocarditis: A Case Report

N. Mahoungou- Mackonia, M. El Mousaid, A. El Amraoui, A. Fadoul, Harouna Seydou, Brahim Nassour, Ovaga Esther, I. Nouamou, S. Arous, G. Bennouna, A. Drighil, L. Azzouzi, R. Habbal

Page: 130-135

Coronary Artery Aneurysm Revealed by an Acute Coronary Syndrome in a Patient with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Case Report

Hind Adnane, Saousan Serbout, El Ghali Med Benouna, Drighil Abdenasser, Azzouzi Leila, Habbal Rachida

Page: 107-111

Short Research Article

Results of Radiofrequency Ablation in Children

Malika A. Gulyamova

Page: 58-61

Analysis of Risk Factors for Congenital Heart Diseases in Children

Azizakhon Kamalova

Page: 37-41

Original Research Article

Perceived Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among Adolescents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Sayer Ofyer Al Ruwili, Amen Bawazir

Page: 91-100

Hypolipidemic Propensity of Ethanolic Extract of Xylopia aethiopica Fruit in Wistar Rats

Emmanuel O. Ogbuagu, Prince C. Unekwe, Augustine I. Airaodion, Ifeoma N. Nweke, Uloaku Ogbuagu

Page: 136-147

Occupational Exposure to Quarry Dust and Blood Pressure Status of Quarry Workers in Nigeria Population

Ezeja Godwin Uroko, Umahi-Ottah Grace

Page: 50-57

An Age-dependent Association between Diabetic Hyperglycemia and Dyslipidemia in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease

Sumbal Ayyaz, Haq Nawaz, Muhammad Aslam Shad, Salman Ayyaz, Farah Ayyaz, Muhammad Ibrahim

Page: 1-14

Comparative Analysis of Savitzky-Golay and Butterworth Filters for Electrocardiogram De-Noising Using Daubechies Wavelets

Samson Dauda Yusuf, Francis Chinomso Maduakolam, Ibrahim Umar, Abdulmumini Zubairu Loko, Lucas Williams Lumbi

Page: 15-29

Metabolic Syndrome among Sedentary Workers: A Cross-sectional Study in Tamale, Ghana

Nafiu Amidu, Peter Paul Mwinsanga Dapare, Samira Daud

Page: 62-70

Histological Effect of Different Inhalants on the Heart and Lungs of Wistar Rats

U. S. Aguwa, B. N. Obinwa, C. E. Eze

Page: 117-125

Effects of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Thymus schimperion Hematologic Profiles of Animal Models of Pre-eclampsia

Kumlachew Mergiaw, Yoseph A. Mengesha, Tesfaye Tolessa, Eyasu Makonnen, Yohannes Belay, Abiy Abebe, Ashenif Tadele, Asfaw Debella, Kidist Gebreyesus

Page: 30-36

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